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Some Cosmetic Defects - Complete Shas Single Volume - Hardcover

Some Cosmetic Defects - Complete Shas Single Volume - Hardcover

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These are hardcover copies that have defects either from the printing and binding process, or from the packaging and shipping method. The defects fall into a few different categories and within the same category they may vary from each other.

Loose Bookmark - The bookmarks are not attached at the top of the spine, but rather they are loose and can be reattached.

Bound Upside-down - The outside cover was bound to the inside pages upside down. This can be easily fixed when rebound using black binding tape.

Damaged - This can mean small surface scratches, slightly bent corners, small tears on pages and other similar damage to the cover or inside pages excluding the above categories.

The stock of damaged dictionaries will not always be available but will be replenished periodically.